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Ralph Goers

Open Source Evangelist

Welcome to my blog where I will explore topics related to open source software development, Java, Java Logging and Apache Log4j2. I am the original author of Log4j 2 and spend a lot of time working on the project. I also contribute to Apache Flume and participate on the Apache Maven project.

Working on Log4j 2

Identifying the set of events to be logged

Recently one of the talented engineers I work with submitted a pull request for review where he wanted to temporarily capture more...

Getting the most out of the Log4j 2 API

As is well known, Log4j 1 combined its API with its implementation. It provided no help to users to determine which classes and methods...

Log4j 1 Compatibility in Log4j 2

Log4j 2.13.0 introduces experimental support for Log4j 1 configurations.

Why was Log4j 2 created?

From time to time I have come across comments asking the very question posed above. Why another logging framework when SLF4J and Logback...

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